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Upcoming Lectures / Events

Session at the 20th EAA Annual Meeting at Istanbul (10-14 September 2014 )

Retrieving and interpreting the archaeological record

The Odd, the Unusual, and the Strange: Human and Animal Deviant Burials and their Cultural Contexts

 Organisers: Anastasia Tsaliki, Tracy Betsinger, Amy Scott



Who is afraid of the Undead? Unusual burials and Necrophobic practices

Many people love horror films and cannot resist a good ghost story. Ghosts, vampires and zombies are ever so popular with their enduring allure. Maybe it comes as a surprise to some that this fascination is not a new fad and such stories have been around for centuries. The fear of 'revenants' - those who return from the grave - has been a concern of many social groups in different cultures and times, and as a result, certain protective, apotropaic measures have been applied to some burials rendering them unusual for the common community standards. This talk will investigate examples of such legends and burials in different communities through time and will discuss facts from fiction.

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