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Teaching, Tutoring, Seminars and Workshops


  • Funerary (Burial) Archaeology,  Greek Burial Customs
  • Bioarchaeology, Palaeopathology
  • Greek, Roman and Byzantine Antiquity
  • Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Modern Greek for Non-Native Greek Speakers


      • A-level, Further education, Higher education, Post-graduate students 
      • Guidance with and editing / proofreading of essays and dissertations
      • Online tuition also available (via SKYPE) 
      • Qualified Teacher Status
      • Registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers
      • Full CV available on request 

      For more information please contact me: at_courses-services [at]

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            Teaching Testimonials

            “Thank you for the unrestrained efforts you have made ensure your...classes
            [are] a success”

            “The course is very interesting and I feel free to ask any questions”

            “Descriptive and informative lectures & pictures and slides”

            “Very well prepared and well-presented lectures/slides/notes. Thank you!”

            “A considerable new information and revision for me. Very enjoyable”.

            “The information is given in well-managed bite size chunks”

            “Anastasia is very open and approachable... Very good comprehensive notes”

            “I am enjoying every part of the course”

            “Very knowledgeable Tutor”

            “The Tutor is a pleasure to listen to, is enthusiastic about her subject, and provides back up handouts”

            “Excellent course”

            “...Anastasia is good at giving examples from her experience”

            [I am progressing] Very well. The course is most interesting.”

            “Many thanks for a brilliant course”

            “Many thanks for all you’ve done”

            "Anastasia is a fountain of knowledge!"